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Documents and Bitrix24.Drive Troubleshooting
05.10.2017 10:36:00
Documents and Bitrix24.Drive. Synchronization issues.

"The biggest problem that we have and that hasn't been solved yet is
the sync between desktop and cloud.
This doesn't work as it should and Bitrix24 doesn't have a very user
friendly tool to check what has been skipped, how to give priority, etc. It
also cancel your workgroups from your PC without any alert of what hasn't
been synced

It is almost impossible to check what's going on.

Plus you can't call anyone to speak to someone about your issues, not even
when you are on a professional plan.
They leave you on hold saying they are developing something for you but
without saying WHEN exactly some new version that solves the problem will
be released.

We loved it at the beginning because we thought it could solve lots of our
problems but we are almost there to abandon this software because never
received proper answers."
While working with the single documents the sync is working fast and isn't causing any problems. But if the big size file synchronizes while working with the documents - any changes in the documents you made will be synchronized after synchronization of big size file. Also, you can't give а priority of sync, for example, while synchronizing several documents and one big size file at the same time, you can't give a high priority for documents, to sync them firstly. If you have some errors while synchronizing in the Bitrix24 Desktop - application will report this.
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