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Companions for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
09.06.2017 10:08:00
The solution allows you to unite colleagues within your company for different interests — working issues, studies, recreation, hobbies and others.
A solid team is a reliable basis for the success of any company! Communication is the direct way to achieve this goal. How much easier and more pleasant it will be to communicate with your colleagues, knowing that besides working issues they are also united by the love to surfing, cats or fishing! That’s for we created the "Companions” solution — to find like-minded people inside the company. Each employee fills his hobbies in his personal cabinet, and then anyone can join this group. Companions, unite!

Installation and Setup
1. Download the solution on the Marketplace
2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Download Updates, and then click Install.
3. Go to Content Site explorer Files and folders.
4. Click Add Folder, enter the name "Companions".


5. Next in this folder you have to create two pages — for the list of groups and for a detailed view of a group. In the "Companions" folder, click Add File — type the title “Group List”. Add the component mcart.soratniki.list to the page from M.C.Art item, save. Then click Add File again, enter the title “Group Details”, add the component mcart.soratniki.detail to the page from M.C.Art item, save.
In the parameters of the component mcart.soratniki.detail, specify the type of the information block — Soratniki, in the "Received ID" field, specify: = {$ _ REQUEST ["ID"]}.



At first, these pages will be empty, but after adding information in the profile of hobbies, there will be lists of possible interests and hobbies.
6. Next, you have to add to employee's Personal Area new item "My hobbies". To do this, go to Personal Area page in the edit mode, click Create page. Enter the page title — Companions. In the editor, add the component mcart.soratniki.edit to the page.
After that, the My hobbies button will appear in Personal Area. In edit mode, click on the settings of this page and in the opened parameters of the component, select Information block type — Soratniki.
Each employee can enter his interests and hobbies, according to the proposed groups at section My hobbies.


If the group, which you want to join, is already in the list, select it. If there is no such group, enter a name, click Add. Then click Save Changes. After that, other employees will be able to join it too.


7. In the portal menu, create the menu item Companions. To do this, at the end of the list on the left, click the Configure menu button — Add link to the menu. Enter the name Companions and the address of the folder you created in step 4.
8. When you go to the Companions menu, you will see a list of interest groups with the number of participants. When you click on the group, you will see a list of participants with the name, email and affiliate work of the employee.




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